Friday, October 4, 2019

How Jack Welch Transforms Businesses Successfully Research Paper

How Jack Welch Transforms Businesses Successfully - Research Paper Example With his leadership qualities, Jack Welch gained the fame of being the youngest CEO in the history of GE in 1981. Contextually, his continuous efforts, as well as a decent leadership quality, played a major role in guiding GE into one of the most admired organizations valued for approximately $500 billion being recognized as one of the sustainable brands across the globe (Bartlett & Wozny, 2005).   Leadership Quality Possessed by Jack Welch Owing to the continuously increasing significance of leadership within an organizational context, it has emerged as one of the major considerations of a business growth and sustainability. It is believed in this regard that an effective leadership quality can significantly boost the performance of each individual towards the determined organizational objectives facilitating shared values and common principles as well as interests. On the contrary, it is often argued that the absence of effective leadership skills among the decision makers of any organization can lead to a dramatic decline of its overall performances in the long-run (Doh & Stumph, 2005). With this concern, the leadership skills of Jack Welch can be identified with due consideration towards the then external environment of GE witnessing various challenging tasks fundamentally owing to the changing scenario of the global market. According to the prevailing conditions of GE, it is also regarded as one of the leading brands and sustainable organizations with a leading position among the top 10 brands across the different regions of the world. Notably, the majority of the achievements attained by GE was during the later period of Jack Welch’s leadership which certainly fuels up the arguments emphasizing on the contribution made by him as a CEO towards the organizational accomplishments (Dulberg, Paschen, Sprindis & Stawski, n.d.). For instance, during his tenure, GE was able to attain the benefits of rapidly increasing revenues offering greater value to i ts shareholders compared to other business leaders across the global market. Stating precisely, the net worth of market capitalization of GE witnessed a steep increase from USD 12000 million during the year of 1981 (the year when Jack Welch was promoted as the CEO) to USD 500,000 million in the year 2001(when Jack Welch retired from his CEO position). A few of the strategies which Jack Welch had been considering during his tenure in GE, accounted the realignment of the business goals as well as the reduction of the motivational gaps existing within the higher level management and the other hierarchies of the organizational structure. He also played a major role in motivating his managers to extend their productivity and innovation capabilities to previously unknown levels gaining better competitive advantages over its international competitors. The leadership skills of Jack Welch were highly focused on enhancing the efficiency of the operational decision-making process by revitalizi ng the communication process engaging every individual within the organization.

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